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Frequently Asked Questions

How many resources do my villagers collect on the way up to Feudal Age?
Time: 130 seconds
Resource Per Villager Rate / Sec
Woodcutter 53.3 .41
Farmer 44.2 .34
Berries 40.3 .31
How many resources do my villagers collect on the way up to Castle Age?
Time: 160 seconds
Resource Per Villager Feudal Upgrade Upgrade Rate / Sec
Woodcutter 65.6 78.4 .49
Farmer 54.4 60.8 .34
Gold Miner 60.8 70.4 .44
How many farms can a woodcutter reseed after they've depleted?
Resource Upgrades No Farm Upgrades Feudal Upgrades Castle Upgrades Crop Rotation (Imp)
No Wood Upgrade 3.432 4.277 5.968 8.753
Double-Bit Axe (Feudal) 4.110 5.121 7.147 10.482
Bow Saw (Castle) 4.935 6.149 8.581 12.585
Two-Man Saw (Imp) 5.436 6.773 9.452 13.863

Since farms take so long to deplete, you'll be spending wood income on other things in the meantime, so there's no reason to set aside wood to eventually use to reseed farms. The number of villagers on wood per farm ranges from 0.333 (1 wood villager /3 farms) to 0.077 (1 wood villager /13 farms). These numbers are so small that you wouldn't realistically keep track of them in an actual game.